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Our history dates back to 1913

Previous owners Fowler and Collison ~ 1936

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Vinyl Plank & Tile

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Vendors available for order-in:


In-stock items:

Manufacturer                  Type                              Line                Name

Beaulieu                    LVP-Glue down                Rapido             Massa

Beaulieu                    LVP-Glue Down                Rapido             Bergamo

Beaulieu                    LVP-Glue Down                Varia                Diversity

Beaulieu                    LVP-Glue Down                Varia                Distinction

Beaulieu                    LVP-Click                            Cove                Mcway

Beaulieu                    LVP-Click                            Cove                Prussia

Beaulieu                    LVP-Glue Down                Seaside            Caspian

Beaulieu                    LVP-Glue Down                Aerial               Squamish

Beaulieu                    LVP-Glue Down                Aerial               Zephyr

Beaulieu                    LVP-Glue Down                Aerial                Notos

Buckwolds                 LVP-Glue Down              Impact               Duke St. Wash     

Buckwolds                 LVP-Glue Down              Impact               Bedrock

Buckwolds                 LVP-Click                         Cascade             Explorer Snowfall

Buckwolds                 LVP-Click                         Cascade             Epic Indigo

Buckwolds                 LVT-Glue Down          Stix N Stones        Pinfire Beige

Buckwolds                 LVT-Glue Down          Stix N Stones        Iron Stone

Buckwolds                 LVT-Glue Down          Stix N Stones        Carrara Grey




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