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Brojects - DIY Mobile Mini Cottage Build

Watch Kevin and Andrew build a portable mini cottage!


DIY Textured Wood Wall

We’re loving the trend of a textured “end” wall, made entirely from the cut ends of wood.


Brojects - Make your own PIZZA Oven

This week on Brojects: Learn how to build your own outdoor pizza oven with Andrew and Kevin.


Brojects - Ping Pong Work Bench

The boys take the mantra "work hard, play hard" to a whole other level by building a work bench that converts to a table tennis table. Best part? It's all done inside a TIMBER MART store.


Brojects - The Chair-Ski

Kevin and Andrew combine the typical cottager’s two most favourite activities — water sports and relaxing on deck chairs — to come up with The Chair-Ski.


Brojects - DIY The Ultimate Outdoor Gym

Brothers Andrew and Kevin have made a resolution to live healthier, more active lifestyles and decide that this weekend at the lake is as good a time as any to start. Their biggest hurdle is the lack of proper exercise equipment. Rather than discouraging the bros, this spurs the creation of the Ultimate Outdoor Gym – a collection of one-of-a-kind rustic fitness gear that’ll perfectly suit the backwoods surroundings.


Brojects - Floating Bowling Alley

Kevin and Andrew bring bowling to the lake. Or rather, on the lake. In part one they build the lane, the pins and the pin-setter, next week they'll finish up in part two, with the gutters, ball-return-system and the lounge.


Brojects - DIY Truck Cap Boat

Time Required: Two days

Difficulty: Easy


Brojects - How to build an EPIC floating dock

Get ready for the summer with this Epic Floating Dock created by self taught carpenters, Andrew and Kevin.


Brojects: How to play ice golf

How to play Ice Golf.


Brojects: Never Climb a Hill Again

Wtach Kevin and Andrew as they create the ultimate tobaggan!


Brojects: Curling in Timbermart

This is what happens when you let Kevin and Andrew loose in a Timbermart.


Brojects: DIY Dumbwaiter

The guys build a dumbwaiter to bring their food and drinks up to the ultimate rooftop patio.


Brojects: DIY Truck Rack

This week on Brojects: How to make a truck rack in under thirty minutes!


Brojects: DIY Epic Floating Sauna

Watch Andrew and Kevin as they build random, fun projects. This week - Epic Floating Sauna!


Brojects: DIY Hockey Rink

Watch Andrew and Kevin as they build random, fun projects. This week - DIY Hockey Rink.

Including homemade zamboni!


Brojects: Portable Ice Fishing Shack

Brojects: Portable Ice Fishing Shack


Make a Raised Garden Bed

Contained raised garden beds are great for vegetable and herb gardens, as well as flower gardens.


BBQ Side Table

Build the perfect side table for your barbeque!



This is a basic plan from which to build a very strong and versatile work bench with lots of room to work. A pegboard can be added easily for extra storage and hanging tools.


Magnetic Message Board

For many of us, refrigerators, or more specifically, refrigerator doors, serve as a convenient place for notes, photos, messages and To-Do Lists.  For a smarter way to display and organize stuff, try these easy steps in creating your own magnetic message board.


Creating a Bookcase/Dollhouse

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to make an attractive bookcase or dollhouse.


Build Your Own Fence

Whether your fence is intended as a subtle backdrop or a landscape focus, whether you want to highlight or perhaps hide your home’s architectural features, the following tips can help you build the fence that fits your lifestyle.


Turn a Barrel Into a Rotating Composter

Proper aeration is essential when it comes to efficient composting. While this can be done by hand (i.e. with a pitchfork), it can also be done through a simple rotating tumbler, when all you have to do is turn the container! To create your own backyard composting barrel, follow the easy steps outlined below. Then let your new ‘garden helper’ get to work in forming rich compost—within just a few weeks.



This easy-to-build project will provide hours of fun. Whether your kids prefer the sand or the water, this sturdy playdeck can accommodate either. Better yet, build two and enjoy them side-by-side!


Build Your Own Backyard Arbor Bench

As summer approaches (and garden excitement grows) it's always fun to make the most of the outdoors, especially do-it-yourself weekend projects like this functional (and comfortable) arbor bench. Following is a detailed outline of the basic steps and recommended materials, but remember: this is your bench, so feel free to make adjustments as you see fit. And as always, be sure to sketch it out beforehand to get a good idea of what's involved.  Good luck and happy summer!


Adirondack Rocking Chair for Two

This two-seat Adirondack rocking chair is sure to become a backyard or front porch favourite. It can be built from inexpensive pine, or a more durable wood to provide many years of enjoyment.


Canoe and Kayak Rack

Build your own canoe and kayak rack.


Storage Bench

Build your own storage bench with these handy tips!


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