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Our history dates back to 1913

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Cleaning Your BBQ

Material List:

    Dish soap
    Warm water
    Wire brush
    Cooking oil or spray
    Large bucket or bin
    Wet Dry Vacuum (Optional)

Cleaning Steps:

Optional Step 1:

Turn your BBQ on maximum heat for 20 minutes to burn off excess residue. Allow time to cool before beginning the cleaning process.

Step 1:

Remove the cooking grates from your BBQ and soak them in a large bucket of warm, soapy water.

Step 2:

Remove the brick heads, flavour bars or lava rocks to expose the burner.

Step 3:

Remove large residue from around the burners with your hands or a Wet Dry Vacuum.

Step 4:

Using a wire brush, gently scrub the burners. Look for clogs and rust in and around the burners, which can permanently damage your BBQ. If you find your burners are rusted, consider replacing them.

Step 5:

Using a wire brush and soapy water, gently scrub the inside of the grill, as well as the brick heads or flavour bars. Lava rocks will not need cleaning.

Step 6:

Coat the inside surface of the grill with cooking oil or spray.

Step 7:

Place the brick heads, flavour bars or lava rocks back in the grill.

Step 8:

Remove cooking grates from the water and use a wire brush to scrub clean.

Step 9:

Place the grates back on the grill and air dry.

Step 10:

Check all gas lines or gas connections for corrosion, rust or cracking. Replace or repair any problems.

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